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Students In Crisis

Emotional Growth Schools
The main focus of an Emotional Growth School includes character development accountability, maturity, reaching ones potential, building self-esteem, developing social skills, and social awareness. Program goals are consequences, trust, work ethic and relationships. These schools maintain very structured environments in order to help kids transition into responsible and mature adults.

Kids that are immature, exhibit inappropriate behaviors, or do not perform to their potential are candidates for an Emotional Growth School. These schools combine components of residential treatment, traditional boarding schools, family living situations, as well as experiential education. The general focus of these schools include behavior change and social/personal development and many Emotional Growth Schools offer individual and group therapy

Wilderness Programs
Wilderness Programs vary in the modalities they incorporate. Many are "trek" type programs, where small groups of youth along with a clinical supervisor, wilderness guides, counselors and an EMT leave a base camp and hike in wilderness areas. Treks range from low country experiences to high country experiences and the key component to the elevations they undertake is weather.

Wilderness Programs takes youth through terrain they are usually unaccustomed to and the participants must carry their own packs that hold their necessities for the trip. This includes: clothing food, water, journals etc. Most treks incorporate a solo experience where the youth goes to a chosen location and spends time in reflection of their life and behaviors while journaling the experience for later sharing with their trip mates, staff and parents at the end of the trek. These programs are extremely effective for youth who are defiant, lacking self-esteem, confidence, abusing drugs, underachieving or angry. Many have had substance abuse problems and the treks that range from 3 weeks to 60 days provide a spiritual healing along with immediate and direct clinical interventions as problems arise and behaviors are exhibited along the trek.


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